Belle Hampton strives to be a trusted and reliable real estate investment firm and a long term partner that measures success by the positive effects to the communities which we invest and the return for our investment partners. 


Our internal team and our extensive list of partners insure that every transaction and business model can be profitable and sustainable by acquiring investments at substantial discounts to market value, rehabbing the investment in a prudent manner to enhance return on equity and finally positioning the investment to exit in an orderly fashion at or near the top of the real estate cycle when value has been maximizedWe do this by utilizing:

  • Technology: We use multiple platforms and algorithms to justify pricing of acquisition & sell price

  • Risk Analysis:  Our detailed internal model removes all subjectivity from all of our transactions

  • Local Expertise: We partner with local agents & investors to vet every market and transaction

  • Proven Models: To reduce risk, we only invest in markets and communities that have been trialed and proven with our investors in our network

  • Insurance: From purchase to sell, we insure that our properties have adequate and appropriate coverage for the market & potential natural disasters

  • Tenant Screening: We use strict requirement methods to assure appropriate tenants occupy our vacation rentals

Thorough research to bid on & secure the best deals available

Detailed financial modeling to acquire properties below market value

Top level renovations to ensure above market design & amenities 

Increased property value for Los Angeles communities

High-end staging and strategic marketing to secure a quick sale or rental

Sell or rent the property  to

generate robust returns for our investors

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