"You simply can’t beat a month-long immersion program with two stand-up individuals who are making their living flipping real estate. Shawn and Zerik go out of their way to make sure you grasp all concepts and provide an incredible allotment of documents and first-hand knowledge that teach you the art, not just the science, of rehabbing a house. There’s no doubt the time and money I invested will pay for itself many times over."

Blake Smith

Many aspiring real estate investors feel that podcasts, books and seminars are not enough to get them to the point where they are ready to pull the trigger on their first deal. With that, we have created an an on-location deep dive into the real world of finding, analyzing, funding, purchasing, designing, rehabbing & selling a profitable fix & flips.

Note: If you are not based in Los Angeles, we can execute the program using video chat for rehab property walk-thrus. 

Learn about:

  • 4 Week Program Includes:

    • Deal Flow & Finding Deals

    • Analyzing Deals

    • Finding Contractors & Subs

    • Contracts (Contractors & Investors)

    • Funding Deals

    • Financial Projections & Cash-Flow Models

    • Design, Engineering & Architecture

    • Permitting 

    • Rehab (What to look for, planning & execution)

    • On-Site Walk-Thrus

    • Document & Platform Reviews 

    • Inspections

    • Value-Add Rehab & Landscaping

    • Selling & Staging

    • Homework assignments each week

    • Personal introductions to the service partners we use (Hard Money Lenders, Brokers, Insurers, Etc)

    • Do's & Don'ts 

    • Completion Package delivered at Week 4

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